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Lawn Drainage Corrections in Minnesota

Are you experiencing soft spots or standing water in your lawn or landscaping after rain events? Is water running into your basement or rendering the majority of your outdoor space unusable? Your property may be suffering from drainage issues. There are numerous causes to a lawn having problems with drainage. Such as an incorrect grade in the yard, or the landscape surrounding the foundation of your home, office building, outbuilding or other structure directing water towards your building or house, when it should be distributed away from structures. This can also occur in recently built houses if the soil around the foundation was not back-filled and compacted down, or has sank down out of the blue. Our Minnesota yard drainage technicians are well-versed in solving drainage problems of all kinds on both residential and commercial properties. To get an assessment for solving drainage issues on your property, get a quote or call us today at (612) 474-0900 to learn more about our yard and landscape drainage solutions throughout Minnesota.

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Minnesota Landscape Drainage Solutions

A professionally designed landscape that is constructed to industry protocols will rarely experience issues. But over the years the ground may move due to frost heaving, which disturbs the soil, or if the landscape was not installed correctly, it can lead to negative effects such as harming your turf, plants, and trees due to improper drainage. Water can also run into the lower level of your home and can cause damage to your foundation. We offer multiple options to solve your lawn drainage problems. Request a quote or call us today at (612) 474-0900 to learn more about our yard and landscape drainage solutions we offer to clients throughout Minnesota.

Drain Tile and French Drain Installers in Minnesota

A French drain system, also called drain tile, entails installing drainage pipe at the base of a trench filled with stone. With a proper drain tile installed, water is routed to a specified location on the property. To most, a drain tile system installation is a simple do-it-yourself project. However, an improperly installed French drain system can make drainage problems worse. Our well versed yard and landscape drainage crews will often utilize laser-guided equipment to ensure an ideal slope is kept through the entire drain tile system. This yields to maximum water flow throughout the seasons. If you are dealing with water pooling up on your property, give us a call today at (612) 474-0900 or request a quote online.

Lawn Drainage Solutions Minnesota

Landscape Re-Grading

Re-grading your yard and landscape is a holistic approach to solving your Minnesota drainage problems. During this process, our highly skilled equipment operators will determine the best course of action for water management. Re-grading a lawn and landscape is one the more cost-efficient methods of correcting slopes to solve drainage problems. If your property is facing issues with landscape drainage and a unique drainage solution is necessary, such as re-grading, a French drain system, an underground catch basin, sump pump extension or a downspout extension, please give us a call at (612) 474-0900 or request a quote online and our outdoor drainage professionals will be in touch shortly.

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